Wonderchews is the passion project of author/creative/wondernaut Kristen Wolf whose widely-praised first novel THE WAY (Random House, 2011) was hailed by O, The Oprah Magazine as “A Title To Pick Up Now!”   

No matter which genre Wolf writes in—and these vary widely from subversive historical fiction to speculative fantasy to non-fiction essay—she always conducts intensive research. Sometimes the information she uncovers morphs into the plots and characters of her story and sometimes she defers to imagination. Usually it’s both.

What such research helps Wolf achieve in her fiction is a certain verismilitude. A solid and believable description of a world that invites the reader to be fully drawn in. At the same time this verisimilitude provides an effective pivot point on which she can quickly turn the story away from “reality” and “accepted truth” toward something more provocative.

Even in between projects, Wolf is always researching. An avid reader of both scholarly and eclectic journals ranging from cultural to scientific, she is constantly filling notebook upon notebook with provocative vignettes from the fields of biology, cosmology, theoretical physics, poetry, philosophy, evolutionary science and so on.

Thinking it a shame to waste this curated collection of fascinations, and realizing that most authors rarely provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their research and inspirations, she sought to find a way in which she could share her treasure trove with others who would relish it.

It was then she hit upon the idea of Wonderchews. An author blog with a twist—one that’s easily enjoyed by all kinds of people whether they read Wolf’s work or not.

The aims of her blog are simple:

  • To provide curated morsels of soul candy for those who Wonder.
  • To explore life’s Big Questions with reckless abandon.
  • To share occasional behind-the-scenes tidbits from an author’s life.

(Well, that’s all great and everything, but what the heck is a Wondernaut??)

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