When Kristen began a period of intensive research for her current project — a speculative saga of sweeping proportions — she found herself filling notebook upon notebook with provocative vignettes from the fields of biology, cosmology, theoretical physics, poetry, philosophy, evolutionary science and so on.

And while many of these startling concepts began to morph into the plots and characters of her story, she became dismayed to realize how much of the material would not make it into the finished work.

Thinking it a shame to waste this curated collection of fascinations, and realizing that most authors rarely provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their research and inspirations, she sought to find a way in which she could share her treasure trove with others who would relish it.

It was then she hit upon the idea of Wonderchews.

Club Q

CLUB Q is a short documentary written and directed by Kristen that tells the story of how an aspiring female DJ and her spirited friends created San Francisco’s legendary and longest-running multicultural dance party for women.

Women Have Wings

When she inherited the 1935 Lockheed Electra 10E, Kristen was approached by several media and aviation organizations. All wanted to use the plane to re-create Amelia Earhart’s last flight for the purposes of scientific study and furthering the search for Earhart’s crash site. But Kristen had other ideas. She decided that instead of using the plane for a re-creation, she would mobilize it for the purposes of inspiration – to honor and uplift women and girls around the world – via an endowment established by the sale of the aircraft.

A truly inspiring documentary film with camera work by many who risked their lives, NASRIN tells the intimate story of Nasrin Sotoudeh, the renowned human rights lawyer and activist who is currently serving a prison sentence in Iran for her courageous stand against injustice. Narrated by Oscar winner Olivia Colman with music performed by Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo, NASRIN is available to watch on HULU, Amazon, iTunes and other streaming platforms. For more information visit: www.nasrinfilm.com

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