Domy’s life is predictable. He prefers it that way. Living in service to a benevolent ruler, the introverted Groundskeeper has dedicated his life to overseeing her magnificent property.

But when his crew suffers multiple accidents and the land’s gorgeous plants and animals are overtaken by frightening disfigurements, Domy must confront the possibility that things are not what they seem.

Tensions ratchet higher with the imminent arrival of honored Guests. In a frantic search for answers, Domy breaks Estate Law to elicit help from Flora, the beautiful Laundress. But can he really trust her?

When their unlawful probing leads them to discover a devastating truth about their ruler—and their very own existence—Domy realizes that he and Flora have nowhere to hide. And only one choice.

A mysterious and fantastical tale, Arise’s familiar beginnings belie a disturbing climax—one that leaves readers teetering somewhere between enchanted and unnerved.

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